Thursday, 16 June 2016

"Cup of coffee with 3 Pole Man"

A couple of days ago, I sent a message to  his assistant and told her; "I've been reading his  blog "C U ON TOP" since few months and how I want to travel and cherish my life the way he's doing it, and told her to update me whenever Satya would be in my city." Time was passing away in the way it used to.And my awaiting call got answered saying, "Satya would be in your city and here are the details. You can call him and do give your reference." I jumped out of my bed and I was dancing just like a kangaroo.

This 52 years old guy is a professional photographer, climber, writer, motivational speaker and a real traveler who admires mother nature. He has even climbed more than 350 mountain peaks worldwide, has skied to the North and South Poles, has climbed the second highest peaks of 5 continents and have traveled more than 146 countries. For 22 years he was a submariner in the Indian Navy and then he devoted his full time to adventures.

Mountains are home to him since the day he realized his connection with glaciers. His mother was his only strength for achieving his dreams and passion towards mountains.

And then arrives the most awaited evening of my life, he entered cafeterias, he saw me and said " Mitali right? " ( Trust me I was speechless at that time ). I said "yes".We conversed and laughed on endless numbers of topics just like some old best friends. While sipping our coffees, Satya taught me few universal teachings, taught by his mother which he has followed every single time and he continued saying; "Mitali, never ever run for the money. 

Find your own skill and let the money follow you. Grow a positive attitude towards your life. Always follow your heart because it knows the solution. Explore your inner powers. Apologizing will lead you towards positivity and happiness."

While sipping another shot of coffee, he continued saying; "These materialistic things are just useless. Fight for your dreams and that's not at all selfish. Selfish is just a word which is being cursed by everyone. Fall in love, but without expectations. Always help people whenever they need you. Even if someone has hurt you without any reason, forgive him/her because that will lead you towards positivity and happiness. 

The most beautiful thing which you can spare for people is your "TIME". 

Trust me Mitali;  "Time is too short and we people are just wasting our every single second. Never ever waste your time running behind some crap thing."

I was listening to him and he was unlocking the lockers of my heart.

He even told me how naughty he used to be in his childhood days, his "Uncle Fred" who was just like a Santa clause for him who used to sponsor his expedition in his childhood days. And how many uncountable times he has fallen in love with every beautiful woman.

We even conversed regarding the solutions of rapes happening in India, he questioned me, " Whom you want them to help you while someone's about to rape you?". "A guy," I said. 

"Why can't you help yourself Mitali?" he said. " If a guy can be enough brave to rape you, why can't you save yourself from not behaving like a victim.

Why you girls always behave like "Saraswati Mata and Lakshmi Mata", when we're even having "Kaali Mata and Durga Mata" as our eternal solutions.
Why don't you girls learn self defence, why don't you girls keep knives with you, why can't you punch him back saying, 

"You're a victim, I've raped you."

The moment you will behave like a shattered victim, he will make you suffer more, but when you will behave fearlessly he will not be able to touch you anymore. Even if they're approaching you, why can't you excite them more and attack them with a bottle of acid or knife?

"Your mental strength should be enough powerful to save you from any chronicles. You have those powers inside you, use them wisely."

He told me the possibilities of life and how we're going to handle it is totally on us. 

And there we parted with lots of memories in our heads. Satya you're a treasure of inspiration, and so grounded to Earth even after such great achievements.

Thank you for the book which you gifted me, inspiring me for my Paris dream and thank you for your gift "Time".




  1. So beautiful experience shared :-) Good work Mitali :-)

  2. So beautiful experience shared :-) Good work Mitali :-)

  3. Mitali ....I really appreciate this wonderful piece if writing by you . I enjoyed reading this ..keep up your spirit high and stay blessed

  4. Mitali ....I really appreciate this wonderful piece if writing by you . I enjoyed reading this ..keep up your spirit high and stay blessed

  5. Yeah ma'm I've wrote this. And this is my blog so it is being totally handled by me only..thank you so much!

  6. Very excellent bec you are my lovely daughter .more na ida chitrava na pade .H a mehta pex doordarshan


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